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-To create a new account, click on the upper right-side icon and follow the guided form, or simply go to:


and click on the bottom button “Register”.

When you create a new account you have to pick an Username, insert your mail and your password.
You will receive a new mail containing your account info and the redirect link.
You don’t need to confirm your account!

Now you will be abilitated to see the ACCOUNT page in the menu, where you can set your adress and other information about you to autofill the checkout form on next shippings.

VDA TAX EXEMPTION it’s a tax exemption valable only in Valle d’Aosta, we can apply that tax reduction to the orders that come from Valle d’Aosta or to customers that shop our products directly from our physical store.

Pick a product that you want to buy, click on the icon cart to proceed to the checkout page:

1-Login to your account, create a new one or simply skip and buy whitout an account.
2-Insert any coupon.
3-Insert your billing and shipping informations.
4-Proceed to the payment methods and choose one of them.
5-If the payment it’s successfully you will receive a mail from us with your order details.
6-Wait that the deliver courier send to you an sms or a mail with the tracking code.

We offer countries-fixed prices for deliveries, proceed to fill shipping info on you order to know the price for the delivery on your country!

When the pack will be taked by our deliver courier, you will receive an sms or a mail from them, containing your tracking code.
Use the code to track the pack on:



(if you don’t provide us whit your phone number this service can’t be fullfilled)

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